Care for People

Vinda believes that employees are the greatest asset. We are dedicated to providing promising career development paths for employees. We also create harmony with a “family culture”. We offer a fair and reasonable remuneration and performance incentive mechanism alongside comprehensive training programmes. 
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Learning and Development

Vinda believes talents are the foundation on which we build our long-term success. Vinda offers a wide range of internal and external training programmes for new employees, frontline salespersons, managers etc. Trainings include face-to-face training, e-learning, on-the-job training, and cross-company exchange.

We are also committed to the development and promotion of existing employees. In 2011, we started the management trainee programme, which has helped us develop a talent pool of some 100 professionals and elementary-level supervisors. The success of our staff development is directly reflected in the majority of our mid- and senior-level vacancies are filled through our internal succession plan. They are young and energetic, progressive and creative, driving the company moving forward.

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Work-Life Balance

Vinda is dedicated to help staff maintain a work-life balance by providing facilities such as gymnasiums, dance rooms and libraries, and by organizing recreational activities to engage employees including sports activities, birthday parties, parent-child activities, festivals and gala nights, all of which help create a unique “family culture” within the Company. 

To protect the legal rights and interests of female employees, the Group provides prenatal leave, breastfeeding leave, an annual gynecological examination, a Mutual Aid Safety and Health Protection Program for Female Employees, and an Employee Assistance Program. In addition, we organize activities such as outings or special banquets on International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, regularly hold activities such as sharing sessions by outstanding female employees, and offer training for career planning.

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Safety First

Vinda spares no efforts to promote occupational health and safety by providing a safe working environment and safety equipments for the staff and ensuring that safety measures are in place in order to achieve a zero-accident workplace. Vinda established a responsibility system of occupational health and safety for staff. Vinda has also devoted in monitoring and minimising the potential occupational health and safety risk in the workplace, improving its safety equipment and facilities and maintaining insurance policies. 

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